Plastic free days : grocery edition

July is coming up in a day and that means it is time plastic-free July. This is a worldwide event that millions of people participate in. Another way you can go plastic-free is on how you shop for food. whether you would rather to shop in grocery stores, palengkes, talipapa, or the farmers market (highly suggested).

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Conscious living : Zero Basics haul

ACT ON IT #4: find shops which offer local self-care products that are great alternatives for commercialised products with a lot of plastic packaging [toothpaste, soap, deodorant, facial products]

I am so ecstatic that I found Zero Basics! With the urge to lessen my carbon footprint and with that the usage of plastic, there need to be many changes done with the products I buy.

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Conscious living : Lush shampoo bars

ACT ON IT #2: find alternatives for the commercialised shampoo contained in plastic bottles 

Here in the Philippines, it’s a practice to wash our hair daily due to the humid weather we have. In my quest to reduce my waste, one of the things that I find that we throw a lot in our household are plastic bottles, with that are shampoo bottles. Other than that, commercialised shampoo’s have a lot of chemicals which damage the hair and scalp.

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