Conscious living : Lush shampoo bars

ACT ON IT #2: find alternatives for the commercialised shampoo contained in plastic bottles 

Here in the Philippines, it’s a practice to wash our hair daily due to the humid weather we have. In my quest to reduce my waste, one of the things that I find that we throw a lot in our household are plastic bottles, with that are shampoo bottles. Other than that, commercialised shampoo’s have a lot of chemicals which damage the hair and scalp.

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Conscious living : reusable straws

ACT ON IT #1: use stainless steel straws

Plastic straws. I see it everywhere. You use it in your flavored drinks, soft drinks, milk teas, frappes, blended beverages, etc. Then after their one-time use, we dispose of them. An alternative to just stop using plastic straws (if you can’t, just like me) is to buy one that is reusable. Which I DID! I bought a set of stainless steel straws for my straw-using pleasure.

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Application for South Korean Visa

It is one thing to get excited for your trip to South Korea, yet it is another thing to apply for the visa! The application for a South Korean Visa can be a rigorous task but if you carefully follow the instructions given in their embassy website then you may just get a visa to enter their beautiful country. Here is our experience applying and successfully receiving a South Korean Visa with a Philippine passport.

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7D/6N in South Korea Itinerary and Budget

South Korea is a beautiful country and it would take more than 7 days and 6 nights to get to know. I would personally love to go back there and visit places which are not tourist hot spots and just soak in everything South Korea has to offer. Here, I am sharing our itinerary and budget; fare warning to all of you – we did not just go to free admission places, we spent our hard-earned money enjoying the different attractions the country had to offer. 

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