First, the WHY? WHY did I even consider taking a month long break?

Okay, let’s first get into the why. Become honest with yourself and gauge your social media usage. 

  1. Screen time. Mine was off the roof, thanks to the iOS 12 update where you can track your screen time. Hours of scrolling mindlessly especially right before I sleep, which by the way, does not help one to sleep at all. 
  2. Unhealthy comparison. Another thing about social media is that you will compare yourself with everyone. I have been better with not comparing myself except there will be times talaga that I still do it. 
  3. Doing it for the gram. One thing why I wanted to become public with my journey anyways is to show the Filipino people how one can love and take care of the environment practically. When things became more for doing it for posting and not from a place of authenticity, that’s when I knew it was no longer right. 
  4. Silencing everything else. I needed to refocus and remember why I started Mean Living in the first place. I needed that hush from voices and comparisons from other people so that I can start creating things that I wanted to. Draw inspiration from my experiences and start creating authentically again. 

Always remember: SOCIAL MEDIA IS CURATED. Everyone only puts what they decide to put out there. 

WHAT happened during my 30-day social media break?

To be honest, I thought it would be hard AF! May 1, I was out with my family so I was doing something. May 2 was harder because I went back to work and during my down time, I usually just scroll through IG or watch IG stories. Very very productive, ay. The first week, I would probably go to my social media folder in my phone, realising the IG and FB isn’t there anymore. Another week in, I actually got used to it better than I thought. I was happier.


WHY you should take a 30-day social media break too.

  1. Made time for important things. No more idle time. I ended up spending the time I had reading, listening to podcasts, writing, and planning for Mean Living. You will find yourself having a lot of time to do a lot more things. 
  2. Happier. Ah, happiness. I became happier. For some reason, I can’t explain it; I just did. I began starting my day right. I used to always look at my Social Media first thing [WHYYY!!!!]; it’s such a bag start to the day. 
  3. Focused. No more short attention spans. I noticed myself more put together when I do things or when I talk to people. No more getting my phone and scrolling while trying to listen to someone. 
  4. Less noise. No more comparing. It just became all about what and who I wanted to do and be. More confidence in what I wanted to put out there [for the future]. 
  5. Made time for important people. Because one’s relationships can heavily rely on social media interactions; without social media, it can be hard. I had to make my relationships work outside of social media which was great! I met up with friends, had coffee dates, did things with people outside the heart emoji reactions of Instagram. 
  6. Live in the present. No more taking photos for the Gram. I took in moments and life happenings as they were happening. I happened to also have several trips during my social media break and it was a blessing. I got to spend time with nature [yes, the plastics I saw in the beach still bothered me as heck!!!]. I felt refreshed and renewed.

You have control of what and who you let into your life, so make it worth your while and unfollow all those that don’t inspire, empower, inform and make you happy.

Give it a try. Take back time that you lose through aimless social media usage because there is just so much more than what you see in your cellphone screens! It has been a very worthwhile month and I would definitely do it all over again, in fact every Sunday I will not be using my Instagram and Facebook. 

Tag me in Instagram [@meanlivingph] if ever you push through with your social media detox. 


2 replies on “Why you should also take a 30-Day Social Media Break

  1. Thanks for the reminder! I’ve done this last September, and it’s probably high time I do it again. No wonder it seems as if I cannot accomplish things off my tasks list. I too, have been spending so much time scrolling endlessly, answering questions in FB groups.


  2. Hi Phoebe!

    I appreciate this post very much. I have recently noticed how much screen time I have on a daily basis and can very much use a detox. I completely agree with all the points you have laid out and will definitely do my own share of fasting very soon.

    Your blog is beautiful, it’s such a great reminder for all of us to be sincere, mindful, and content.

    Keep writing!


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