Do you have a lot clothes in your wardrobe and yet you catch yourself saying “I don’t have anything to wear!” Wala ako masuot! ? Well, maybe it’s time you do some thinking and re-assessing the clothes that you actually have.

Same goes with my wardrobe, I had to re-asses my clothes. Even though I only have less than 75 pieces of clothing, I only wear around 60% of it. Can you believe that? Something had to happen! I waited for 6 months before I decluttered again. Why? So that in the 6 months time I would really find out what pieces of clothing do I really wear. Which pieces still spark joy to me. Plus, with the one year of buying no new clothes, I got to really learn to appreciate specific pieces of clothing.

I recorded what I wore for a month in my Instagram Stories [@meanlivingph]. WHY? To show that I am someone:

  • who repeats her outfits constantly
  • who likes a specific style [plain and monotone colors,most of the time]
  • who can mix and match almost all her clothes
DAY 1-6
DAY 7-12
DAY 13-18
DAY 19-24
Day 25-30

The clothes that I do have are mostly:

  • thrifted. Some recently and others throughout the years; some dating back to over 10 years ago.
  • Uniqlo bought. Of the Uniqlo clothes that I own, they have been with me for a very long time now, 3-4 years in fact.
  • Most of the details per item are all in my IG highlights.

Looking back at a month’s worth of my outfits, makes me appreciate all the clothes that I do have. It also shows which pieces of clothing I wear most of the time and which pieces are actually staples in my wardrobe. Why don’t you give this exercise a try and record your daily outfits to actually see which clothes you do and and don’t wear.


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