After having decided to go on a shopping ban for new clothes for 2018, I knew that 2019 brought in a different challenge, wardrobe-wise. Throughout 2018, I decluttered and given away more than 50% of my clothing leaving me less than 60 pieces of clothes (to date). This may sound pretty awesome although I am finding the pieces of clothes that remain do not match and blend well with the other.

The goal for 2019 is to carefully and intentionally curate a closet that will work for my lifestyle.

With that, I have finally bought my first piece of clothing! This brand almost got me to break my NO NEW clothes rule last year, July. I stood my ground and told myself it could wait. Fast forward 7 months, I have finally purchased a skirt from ANTHILL Fabric Gallery. (YAY!)

ANTHILL (Alternative Nest and Trading/Training Hub for Indigenous/Ingenious Little Livelihood Seekers) is a cultural and social enterprise that supports and establishes community weaving enterprises. The organization provides market access and transforms existing resources, homegrown skills and living traditions into innovative and contemporary lifestyle products. In this hub, fabrics are more than just ingredients to fashion; it is a way of life, it is where culture meets style.

Department of Artisans

Anthill has been a brand that I learned to respect and love. Each piece of clothing has been carefully woven by different local partners in the Philippines. My first piece of Anthill is a PANYO SKRT which is mid-length. They offer an array of colours and patterns depending on its origin.

Origin: Bangued Abra

Material: Cotton

Type of Weave: Kantarines

Heart Woven Cloth by: Fe (Thank you, Fe)

Price: 3,499 php

I saw this piece after I visited their only shop here in Metro Manila, Tesoros (although, they do join pop-up shops occasionally). They joined the previous Good Trade Fair where I was looking to buy already yet the patterns were not the exact ones I wanted but I met Anya Lim, the Queen Ant of Anthill (such great energy from her).

I chose to buy my first piece of clothing from Anthill for several reasons: 1. I was supporting a local community of weavers 2. I was supporting in keeping the art of weaving alive 3. I believed in the message of the company and 4. I could use this in many different ways (Wait till next month where I can share a lookbook-ish of this PANYO skirt).

Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.

Anna Lappe

You can connect with them and find out more about what they do below:


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