Last December 2017, I made a decision that the year 2018 was a year for no shopping for new clothes. This was quite a tough decision to make, let alone making it public in my social media handles (it did make me more accountable though); but I still did it.

If you want to know more about how this all started, here is the link to the blogpost : No NEW clothes for a year challenge

2018 planner

I set up my own rules and guidelines to the challenge as you can see below:

  1. no buying of NEW clothes whatsoever (no new shirt from h&m, no new pants from Uniqlo, etc)
  2. thrifted clothes are allowed but only up to 10 pieces for the whole year (so, better make wise decisions)
  3. undergarments/socks are not included
  4. unexpected and unforced gifts of garments are allowed
  5. uniform given by the company I work for are obviously allowed (haha)
  6. be honest

I would like to proudly say that I did in fact buy NO NEW clothing for 2018 and with that I learned a lot.

  1. It is possible to not buy anything new especially in the world we live in today even though there are so much sales and new clothing that is advertised to us on a daily basis in billboards, in commercials, in Instagram, etc.
  2. A lot of people have what you need, you just need to ask. I borrowed from family, friends, and even strangers (IG friends) clothing which I will use only once.
  3. Swap events are amazing! Learned to swap clothing with strangers (was introduced to this idea last April 2018 wherein you swap the clothes that no longer brought joy to you and you choose from a pile that no longer brought joy to other people) and swapped around 5 pieces of clothing.
  4. Learned to repair clothing that I already had instead of what I previously would do and discard them.
  5. I gained a lot of self-control. I would pass by stores having their usual sales and I would come out with nothing. This was a huge improvement on my side as I always used to think of “sales” as saving money. Totally wrong! Now, I don’t even go inside the stores.
April 28,2018 – Swap event of Fashion Revolution x Mean Living x Teeforel

With this, I learned a lot about the fashion industry – how huge its impact is on the environment, how the reality of most of its workers are mistreated and underpaid, and how much fast-paced fashion has become.

2019 planner

Here are several readings and movies you can look into to get yourself more informed on what really goes on in every piece of clothing you wear:

You think you can do the same? You can start anytime. Maybe this 2019? As for my 2019, I want to curate my closet more than ever. For it to last for years to come because in all honesty, I seem to have more bottoms than tops at the moment and that is not a smart move but more on that in another post.

Finishing the year strong.

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