What would it look like if you keep your trash for 30 days? Take a moment to think about a day in your life, how much trash do you accumulate? Multiply that by 30 [days] then multiply that by 12 [months]. That could possibly be the amount you accumulate in a year.

For the past 30 days, I have been keeping all my trash. At Day 0, I made it a point to note what I wanted from this experience.

  • Be aware of ALL the trash I make.
  • Be transparent with the trash I make, knowing no one is really “zero-waste”.
  • Be understanding with my surroundings.

And now that it is Day 31, these goals have been achieved and more.

  • The trash I make are still a lot (based on the standards I gave myself). There are several items which could have been avoided if I made an extra effort to prepare.
  • Preparation is KEY! This is especially for my chocolate snacking and coffee drinking. (I will make it a point to focus on these two aspects to create habits of preparing snacks and my coffee a day before.)
  • There are many things I cannot control and it is OK. I have come to a point in this journey that I am no longer frustrated/disappointed in myself if something goes wrong. If an unwanted plastic straw is in my drink, I can do something about it besides telling the waiter that he made a mistake, go up to the management instead.
  • It is a journey. Back in 2017 October, I would have done things quite differently. I would be buying water bottles from 7-11 daily, have take-out in styrofoam, get disposable utensils, buy shampoo in plastic containers and have everything in disposables. Now, 2019 January, everything has changed. Good habits can be made, you just have to stick to it.

With that here is the breakdown of everything inside my jar:

As you can see, mostly snacks/chocolate wrappers are the most dominant plastic trash. I will definitely do something about that this incoming month! When it comes to my plastic trash, I usually store it in an old pillow case for an upcoming project (You may also do eco-bricking if you still have plastic trash). As for paper and other items, I would usually just throw it in the waste bin closest to me. If the items are biodegradable, they will go to my bokashi bin. Lastly for the food that is biodegradable yet cannot be placed in my bokashi, I usually throw it out also.

At the end of the day, I am not full on ZERO WASTE. Who is? But I do make it a point to get smarter with my purchases and get better at making less trash on a daily basis. I am here to help and be of information and guide to my fellow Filipino people.

Catch my weekly videos of the Trash Jar Challenge here:

| week 1 | week 2 | week 3 | week 4 |


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