I may not be in school anymore, but this blog and vlog is dedicated to all those that are. Even when you are a student living under your parents care, you can still practice a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Link to my youtube video here to know more: https://youtu.be/hx7_5OMLsqs

23_highschoolI mainly tackled four things in my video.

Bring your own MESS KIT.

GO DIGITAL Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 9.40.26 PM

BUY durable/sustainable materials that will LAST.

  • Always opt for materials that are not packaged in plastic or package-freeIMG_7726
  • Choose products which are durable.

Get your WHOLE school INFORMED and INVOLVED.

Below are the list of materials which you can look into. This list will definitely get updated from time to time as I am still on the search for better options.

  • Notebooks
    • Create your own notebook with old papers and re-use the back side.
    • Buy notebooks that are naked and not wrapped in plastic.
      • Papemelroti has always been a Filipino brand that uses recycled paper. Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 9.09.02 PM
      • Stradmore released a line that has “eco” in it. I am assuming that it is made from recycled paper. Unfortunately, I could not find any information on this product as their website is currently down.IMG_9456
  • Pens
    • Buy pens which are refillable in ink. Pilot (G-tek) has these.
    • Buy a fountain pen. Now this may be more of an investment, but it will most definitely be used for a long time. Just ensure you don’t lose them.IMG_4076
  • Pencils
    • Mechanical pencils may be the way to go. Although, buying multiple refills for it is not eco-friendly as they come in these tiny plastic packaging and it too has lead content.
    • MONGOL
      • Pencils, on the other hand are from trees. (you see the dilemma?) Well, right now, we may not have the answer to this problem; so choose products which are package-free or in paper packaging.IMG_2806
  • Paper
    • As much as possible, use both sides of paper to make the most of each piece.
      • Of all the paper brands that I saw, Double A was the only one that stated where their paper comes from, how their paper is sourced, and what there sustainability efforts are. IMG_2472

Link to my youtube video here

to know more: https://youtu.be/hx7_5OMLsqs



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