Hello there! If you have not been following me in my other social media accounts (instagram & facebook), you may have not heard that I just came from a 2 week trip from New York City, USA. I will be having a series of New York related posts so watch out for that.

I recently went to New York to attend and participate in  The Youth Assembly and with that there came a lot of pressure on what to wear.

🌵For one, it will give my first impression to everyone I meet. 

🌴Second, I was keen to not buy anything new just for this trip. (check out my NO NEW CLOTHES CHALLENGE for the year!)

🌾Third, how do I pack everything in just one suitcase for a 2 week trip, needing formal and casual clothing!

So here are my outfits for the past 2 weeks (minus the ones I wore during the flights and during the night).


day 1 outfit

this photo was taken at our airbnb street in brooklyn. just loving the community and feel of this area. 

the first day that i arrived at nyc, we just had a chill and awesome time going around brooklyn and manhattan. no pressure on going around, we just enjoyed our time because we were in new yoooooork!

dress: borrowed from Regina Roque

jacket: swapped from an event, patches from STYLE ISLE

shoes: charles and keith


day 2 outfit

as you all know, this year my goal is not to buy any new clothes. with this trip, is was very challenging. so i want to document the outfits that i will be wearing, all used and borrowed but loved. 

the first part of the assembly, we went to the UN headquarters. 

top: thrift store from years back

bottom: uniqlo from 3 years back

blazer: uniqlo from 3 years back

shoes: payless


day 3 outfit

today was a loadfull of meeting new and like-minded people. my days here have been really busy and on-the-go. super loving every second of it!

top: uniqlo 3 years back

bottom: uniqlo a year back, seeing that i only wore this now (it goes to show how you can keep buying new clothes and end up not wearing some of them till later on because you forget you even have them)

blazer: my work blazer uniform (good thing there was no logo)

shoes: payless


day 4, morning outfit

today, was our first day of sessions. learning a lot of new things. i even learned how to do basic cpr! after the sessions, we went to columbia university for our cultural night. 

they have such beautiful universities here. everything is so grand and extra. 

dress: promod from 3 years ago gifted by Mark

blazer: from the office

shoes: payless


day 4, evening outfit

i never knew i would be here, in columbia university. today, was our cultural night. i wore a filipiniana inspired gown to represent the philippines. over 200 delegates from 100 countries in one room. 

gown: borrowed from my mom’s friend (borrow when you can, especially if it’s for just a one time event)

necklace: pearls borrowed from my officemate, Xherine Pedrozo

shoes: payless


day 5 outfit

just after the last seasion, we made it to the pier to tour the city from the river. i am telling you, it was a beautiful sight to behold.

i have actually worn this dress so many times! 

dress: mama’s dress from 3 years back. she actually wore this to my college graduation

sash: fabric bought from abra, Mark sewed 1yard of it to make a sash.

necklace: i bought a year and a half ago and wore to my architectural licensure oath taking

shoes: payless


day 6 outfit

today was the last official day of the assembly. last day to connect. wore the barong and got so many wonderful comments about it. it was very breezy too, but the skirt was something else! it was just right that too much sitting, was very uncomfortable. 

top: lady barong borrowed from Angela Andaya ( i met angela through instagram. she very willingly lent her lady barong to me. super lovely too!) 

skirt: bought from meg 2.5 years ago for my master plumber oath taking. 

shoes: payless


day 7 outfit

tourist mode on! while today was very bitter sweet, it was sad to say bye to new friends but refreshing to say hello to old ones.

top: polo shirt borrowed frommy officemate,Jerome

shorts: bny shorts from my highschool days (who knew they would fit me again!)

shoes: nomad sandals


day 8 outfit

first official day with my bestie Kat. they don’t kid about wearing confortable shoes when you go around nyc. seeing the guggenheim for the first time made my heart skip a beat. studying these structures for so long and even studying it more during my thesis really reminded me of the days that i dream to go to new york and see these structures.

top: white polo from uniqlo on sale 3 years ago

skirt: skirt from uniqlo on sale 3 years ago

shoes: charles and keith


day 9 outfit

this photo was taken right after i saw that which remained from the twin towers. i needed to smile and be reminded to make most of everyday because we really never know when our time is up.

on another note, i love wearing this dress over and over and over again. the oculus is one of the few stations that is truly beautiful! more people need to look up and appreciate its beauty.

dress: f21 bought during their buy 1 get 1 sale last 2017

shoes: new balance, this is brand new! (sadly, there are only a number of rubber shoes which are responsible made and are biodegradable, all which are not locally made. so i opted to buy shoes which have a good price range and reputation for lasting.)


day 10 outfit

i grew up reading and loving to read; so visiting the new york public library was a wonderful experience, although as a tourist i was only allowed to visit certain areas (huhu). not only were the books impressive, but the architectural detail too. the keen attention to detail was over the top.

most of the clothes i wore to this trip were the ones i bought a few years back when i started to work. with all the walking the past two days, i decided to wear sandals to relieve my soles and give it some air to breathe.

dress: hnm dress from 3 years ago

shoes: sandals from a local brand started by students of dlsu gifted by my sister Mia Grace Blas


day 11 outfit

today is my last full day in new york. over the past few days, amidst the pressure in seeing everything new york has to offer, i slowed down and just enjoyed my time wherever i was. 

sitting here at this viewing deck, surrounded by lushous trees overlooking the hudson river, makes me so thankful that i got an opportunity to be where i am. bridges amaze me, the engineering behind it and all; being able to connect two cities.

top: from f21, a christmas present

bottom: shorts from my highschool days

shoes: new balance

So what can you take out of this?

👓 do some research on the weather (it was summer in nyc, temperatures reached 30 degrees celsius. very hot! if it was winter, it would definitely be a whole new challenge for me)

👗 you do not need to buy new clothes (look through your wardrobe, something surely will catch your attention and you can wear for your trip)

👠 you should borrow clothes from your friends and family (someone out there surely has what you need)

👚 be creative, mix and match! (make sure you bring clothes that are versatile, meaning can be for formal or casual events)

👡 repeat your outfits. (i am a proud outfit repeater!)

What are your personal tips and tricks? Comment below!



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