Hello! Another plastic-free days edition. I am beginning to feel that this will be something that I will continuously update and expand on. Today, let’s talk about the kitchen. I currently still live with my mom, and when it isn’t your own home, the changes made needs to be slow and adaptable to the other end users. So here are a few of the switches we have made so far.


Our kitchen is obviously not plastic-free from the get go. These are the things I incorporated in our household to lessen our waste. Regarding food waste, that’s for another post.

What you can do

  • ALL-NATURAL DISHWASHING LIQUID – repurposed san miguel glass bottles turned into a beautiful container of our citronella dishwashing liquid from @ritualph. this one costs ₱140.2
  • COMPOSTABLE DISHWASHING SCRUBS – we use a luffah and a wooden brush (yes, the bristles are still nylon) to wash the dishes. the stainless steel scrub, which we haven’t replaced for months now, are used to scrub the under side of pans. lastly, yes those are repurposed spam containers.


  • REUSABLE HAND TOWELS – instead of tissue, we now use old towels which we cut up to smaller rectangular towels.


  •  EASY ACCESS REUSABLE BAGS – always remember to put your reusable bags at a convenient and easy to remember place so that you never forget them.
    not totally plastic-free but getting there. what are your tips and tricks for a more conscious kitchen?



Posted by:phoebe

Hello there, Phoebe here. I have always wanted a platform wherein I can express myself therefore, I have decided to start this blog. I am a young adult living in the Philippines who wants to share her finds, adventures, passions, opinions and art to the world whilst fulfilling her dreams and purpose. Amidst all of this, I have chosen to document my journey into minimalism and living an environmentally conscious life.

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