July is coming up in a day and that means it is time plastic-free July. This is a worldwide event that millions of people participate in. Another way you can go plastic-free is on how you shop for food. whether you would rather to shop in grocery stores, palengkes, talipapa, or the farmers market (highly suggested).


What you can do

  • PREPARE YOUR REUSABLES – preparation is always key. don’t get me wrong, sometimes we forget to bring these items. don’t be too hard on yourself, it takes time to make this a norm. 


  • BRING YOUR CONTAINERS FOR YOUR MEAT, POULTRY, & FISH – as we are not a vegan family, we still eat poultry and fish. rarely on the meat for about 10 years now. instead of those flimsy single-use plastics, bring your own tupperware. 


  • BRING REUSABLE BAGS FOR PRODUCE – mesh bags & reusable bags are perfect for the produce aisle!


  • IF IT’S IN PLASTIC, #leaveitontheshelf – i don’t understand why veggies are wrapped in plastic. most, if not all, have their own protective skin to them (nature’s doing). leave these produce on the shelves and send out a message that naked produce is what you want.


  • BUY IN BIGGER PORTIONS – because the availability of a wide range of package-free products are still not available. if you will do some damage, make sure it’s the least of all evils. buy in bigger amounts, so that it will last longer and it will be cheaper. just like the laundry detergent, buy the ones in bigger bags rather than the sachets. 


  • BUY IN GLASS – there are a lot of items/condiments that come in glass rather than in plastic bottles. glass is re-usable, less-toxic and is recyclable. 


  • PUT IT IN YOUR OWN BAGS – check out your groceries in your own bags. reduce & reuse! 


  • PUT IT IN BOXES – a lot of grocery stores here in the country reuse the boxes used for their products for packing your goods later on. 


  • BUY FROM LOCAL FARMER’S MARKET – the best option is to shop in local farmers market because you know that the produce are grown with care. there are a few of i know of – in salcedo, in mandala park, and in molito alabang.




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