Have you ever walked in a store which you didn’t intend to because you saw this word, with 4 big white letters placed in a huge red background?

I have as well. I have always fallen for the trap of SALES. My thinking is that because these items are on sale then I am definitely getting a good deal and save some money. In most cases though, after a few days, I do regret buying the items just because they were on sale. I realized, they weren’t that great looking after all or they weren’t really what I needed.


The word SALE is everywhere! There is always a sale happening at the malls. Just in the next coming days there will be a Mid-year sale. Do we really need more things? Just this year, I made it my goal to not buy any new clothes and this made me realize that because of this, I have not gone inside Uniqlo, F21, H&M, Zara, etc. like I used to. Because going home from work, I pass by a chain of malls and I used to always check what the latest sale items were. Now, I just walk on by.


Is it really essential, F21?

In reality, you did not save any money. Why? Because if you hadn’t bought that new blouse in the first place, you wouldn’t have lost your 300 php. You may say that it’s just 300 php but add up all the items you bought on impulse over the last 6 months. You may have saved over 5,000 php already.


So next time this happens this is what you do, DON’T GO INSIDE THE STORE. But if you do fall into the temptation of walking inside. Ask yourself, “Do I need this really cute jacket?” Yes? No? “Do I really need another jacket?” Yes? No? “If this was not on sale, would I buy it?” No? “Would I die if I don’t get this item now?” NO! (I know some of these questions are a tad exaggerated but you really have to question yourself into making better decisions.)


Prioritize what you need to spend on. If you do need new clothes then, wait for that sale because you are getting into a good deal….although….I highly urge you to buy clothes from stores that are locally made, ethically made, and eco-friendly.


You will eventually get the hang of not even bothering for sales anymore, trust me! So, just walk on by.




One thought on “1 word, 4 letters, an addiction

  1. Great post! I find that it’s really very easy to not be tempted to buy stuff on sale. Personally, I dissuade myself from making unnecessary purchases by reminding myself that an additional item to my closet, for example, will just add to my decision fatigue!

    Adding your blog to my reading list 😊

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