July is coming up in a few weeks and that means it is time for plastic-free July. This is a worldwide event that millions of people participate in. Here are a few things that you can start in your daily bathroom routine. 

**some of these items, i have written an individual blog post about them. just check the link for more details. **

Simple swaps

bamboo toothbrush


This bamboo toothbrush’s main handle is made out of bamboo while its bristles are made out of nylon. Compost the handle, then place the bristles in your eco-brick once the toothbrush is no longer doing its job for you.

blog post ALL about the bamboo toothbrush here.

TIP : Leave it in a dry place. If you want to have them cleaned, I suggest you boil them.

powder toothpaste


This powder toothpaste is vegan and has no plastic packaging! Definitely one of the interesting swaps I have done as it is very much out of my comfort zone.

blog post ALL about this vegan powder toothpaste here.

TIP : Use this with an open mind and taste-buds. It takes getting used to.

charcoal soap


Plastic package-free soap, vegan, and all-around charcoal soap. Another fave product from Zero Basics.

blog post ALL about this charcoal soap here.

TIP : Cut in half for more usage and always keep dry.

shampoo bar


I just love the idea of shampoo bars. These ones come in 3 different kinds, depending on your hair type. They are my fave here in the PH because it really works well for me. It really depends on your hair/scalp type as I have tested out quite a handful already.

blog post ALL about this shampoo bar here.

TIP : Always keep them in a dry place. Let it dry out in the sun from time to time.

check out what you can do in your workplace!

plastic-free days : office edition

conditioner bar


Just like the shampoo bars, these conditioner bars are amazing. They smell wonderful too!

blog post ALL about this conditioner bar here.

TIP : Leave one for you to use in your office space so that you don’t forget.



Who knew that luffa’s were from a vegetable?! These are great alternatives to the plastic/nylon scrubs. I got mine from Ritual; you may also purchase some from Divisoria.

TIP : Keep them dry so that they do not get soggy. I cut mine in half so that they can be used for different body parts or used by two different humans.

reusable cotton rounds


I don’t regularly wear make-up; but when I do, I use these reusable cotton rounds to remove my make up. I just add some soap then gently wipe and scrub. I got mine from Zero Waste Hub. You should definitely check them out as they offer zero-waste items for such a low price because they want this lifestyle to be affordable and easy to transition to.

TIP : Buy only what you need. I actually have only used 1 of mine. I initially bought 10 (gasps!) but I will be giving them out soon.

reusable cloth pads


I cannot tell you how much this swap is so important. Still love using them after 7 months.

blog post ALL about these reusable pads here.

TIP : Do your research and decide whether reusable pads or menstrual cups are for you. We all have different needs and body shapes; so what may work for you, may not work for me.

Simple meaningful acts

reduce water consumption & re-use grey water


At a young age, I was taught to always save/conserve water. The flush valve of our water closets does not work in our house (on purpose) because my mom closes the valve. She has trained us to collect the water that we use while taking a bath, later used to flush the toilets when needed. I urge you to do the same. This will save a lot of fresh water going to waste, plus it will decrease your water bill.

TIP : Have two tubs at your bathroom to catch the water while you are taking a bath.


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