In my many thrift shopping years, I have never heard of Makati Cinema Square and its hidden ukay-ukay gems. Although I told myself that this will be the year that I do not buy any new clothes, I had previously initiated a challenge with my partner on buying each other ukay clothes with a budget of 500 php! So off to Makati Cinema Square we went. Makati Cinema Square is one of the oldest malls in Makati, dating back to 1982.

2018-04-01 02.49.28 1.jpg

Where is it located and what time is it open?

address : 2130 Don Chino Roces AvenueMakati, Luzon 1231, Philippines
operating hours : 11 am – 9 pm, daily
makati cinema square** as you can see in the map, it is walking distance from the other known establishments like Greenbelt, Legazpi Sunday Market, or Don Bosco**

What can I find there?

Aside from fashion thrift finds, one can try and enjoy the different activities this 36 year-old building has to offer. One can find bowling alleys, billiard tables, gun shops, archery range, martial arts arena, fencing classes, theater stores, and chinese restaurants. Fair warning though, the building is quite old and dilapidated which definitely needs a major renovation.

Now on to thrift shopping! There are variety of items you can buy:

  1. baby clothes (I saw this whole store that sold most, if not ALL, their items for 20 php only! Many of their items were baby clothing.)


  2. bagsLRM_EXPORT_20180401_140432
  3. formal clothesLRM_EXPORT_20180401_140246
  4. jacketsLRM_EXPORT_20180401_140254
  5. pants (so many vintage pants for men and women)LRM_EXPORT_20180401_140406
  6. polo & tshirtsLRM_EXPORT_20180401_140344
  7. dresses (formal, summer, even prom dresses!)LRM_EXPORT_20180401_140354.jpg

The pricing may vary depending on the season as some were on sale (prices dropping to 20 php).

** hello there ukay buddies! **


Now, because I will be posting a youtube video on the 19th and 24th of April 2018 regarding my haul, I shall only show you snippets of my haul.

Click here for the link to the video on my youtube channel

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