More and more there are different shampoo bars that are being sold here in the Philippines (hooray for locally made products!). As I write this article, these are the locally made shampoo bars that I have seen online (now, I may have missed some but do let me know so I can add them in my directory).

  1. eco bar ph
  2. daniela calumba
  3. tree maria ph

Shampoo bars, as I have learned, come in three types: cold-pressed (bars made from mixing natural oils and lye), glycerin based (bars generally made from glycerin) and solid surfactant (bars made with surfactant similar to lush shampoo bars). For every person, the type of product you use vary. As for me, I have learned that my hair and scalp tend to respond positively with solid surfactant-based shampoo bars.


Although I listed three different shampoo bars, this review is purely dedicated to eco bar ph which are solid surfactant-based shampoo bars.

Eco bar ph

Eco bar ph is solely found on instagram. The shampoo bars that they offer are as follows:

shampoo bars:

detox + heal (tea tree, neem, dead sea clay, charcoal) = 150 php

thickening (gugo, polygala, rosemary, patchouli) = 150 php

hydrate (seaweed, oat protein) = 150 php

conditioner bar:

repair & nourish (coconut, sunflower, almond) = 180 php

I cannot tell you how excited I was when I found their instagram page. So I immediately ordered some. I ordered through DM-ing their instagram page, received a response quickly. The only thing is that the shipping fee (180 php) was quite pricey as they used LBC and it was shipping from Laguna. So I would suggest to order more than 1 product or share the shipping fee with friends who also want to order.



I ordered 3 of the 4 bars they were offering.

  • detox + heal (tea tree, neem, dead sea clay, charcoal) shampoo bar = 150 php

This smelled so good and it worked really well for my dry scalp!


  • thickening (gugo, polygala, rosemary, patchouli) shampoo bar = 150 php

I bought this for my mom and she liked it as well. She too has transitioned into using shampoo bars!


  • repair & nourish (coconut, sunflower, almond) conditioner bar= 180 php

this smelled so amazing that our bathroom would smell just like the conditioner bar (imagine it only coming from that small bar). Plus it does its jobs in conditioning the hair!



Rating: 5 being the highest, 1 being the lowest; based on the comparative results I get from my previous shampoo

Table 2

Here I did a short comparison between a Lush shampoo bar versus an Eco Bar shampoo bar!

Why I opted to buy this product

  • competitive pricing (much cheaper than Lush’s shampoo bar)
  • no plastic packaging, although i wish there was no packaging to begin with
  • cruelty free
  • biodegradable
  • handcrafted
  • free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, & synthetic dyes

This is definitely a winner for me as I loved the Lush shampoo bar, yet I found locally made ones for an even cheaper price!

I already have ordered my second batch of shampoo and seriously still loving them bars.


This review is purely based on personal experience and is not a sponsored review. Tables presented were a simple comparison of the previous blog post i wrote and the experience i have had with the eco bar’s shampoo.

Check out more of my conscious decisions in my videos:



16 replies on “Conscious living : local shampoo bars

  1. Hi. How long did you Ecobar really last? Mine is already 2/3 of its original size and I just used it 4 times! I don’t know if I scrub too much on my hair or if it really melts fast. Thanks!


    1. Hello Grace, mine lasted 2 months. Oh no, there must be something wrong with the batch that you have. 😦 You should reach out to ecobar, maybe they can give you a new one.


    1. Hello! There are actually several shampoo bar brands that are widely available in the Philippine market. Ecobar worked well for me for several months but now I use Ritual’s liquid shampoo instead. 🙂


      1. It was way more convenient for me to acquire. Since I bought several items from Ritual already, I decided to also try out their shampoo. Worked well for me and my partner [whose scalp reacted to ecobar’s]. It really depends on your scalp and how your body reacts to certain products. You can try ecobar for a season, to test if your scalp reacts well to it.


      2. Hmmm, throughout my trial and errors with shampoo bars, I cane to know it takes time for your body [scalp] to adjust. Because you are putting in something new [even though it is made out of good ingredients], your scalp may react badly at first. So, learn to give it time. There was a point where I was so frustrated with my scalp, because no shampoo was working to alleviate the dandruff. I had a check up with a doctor regarding my dandruff, the main reason behind it was because of stress. So, it was also an aspect I looked into.


      3. Oh really, interesting how a lot of factors cause dandruff..haha. but yes I’m interested on using good ingredients. Used human nature before didn’t work for me, or maybe because I didn’t give more time for adjustment.


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