I have always cringed at the fact that I dispose of my used sanitary napkins only for someone (garbage men) to find it. Besides that (TMI), it produces unimaginable waste. Although our monthly period is inevitable, there is something that can be done. Other than the waste factor, the ingredients (chemicals) and materials (plastic!) used on commercial pads are not safe. Just remember that you are placing these in one of the most sensitive parts of your body.

As I continue on this journey, I encountered the menstrual cup (one great supplier in the Philippines is Sinaya Cup) and the reusable pads. To be very honest, I am not ready to use the menstrual cup; but my goal is that by the end of this year, I would have transitioned to using it already.

The product


So this brings me to trying out another “zero-waste” product. Lo and behold, this actually existed – reusable pads!!! To my amazement, there are quite a handful of local sellers of reusable pads (you can them find in instagram and facebook). I went with the instagram account – periodinstyle (previously mommayogibabystuff) because of the reviews I found about their reusable pads. This account also sells cloth diapers (for all the mommies out there, you should consider using these for your babies).


What and How I bought

I ordered one whole set from periodinstyle (previously mommayogibabystuff). This included the ff:

scaled pads.png

1. cloth liner

***75 php each

***top – cotton woven

***core – cotton flannel

***back – cotton

2. 8″ regular flow

***100 php each

***top – cotton woven

***core – 2 layers cotton terry

***back – windpro-like/cotton with hidden leakproof fabric

3. 9″ heavy flow

***130 php each

***top – cotton woven

***core – 3 layers cotton terry

***back – windpro-like/cotton with hidden leakproof fabric

4. 10″ heavy flow

***160 php each

***top – cotton woven

***core – 3 layers cotton terry

***back – windpro-like/cotton with hidden leakproof fabric

5. 13″ heavy flow

***220 php each

***top – cotton woven

***core – 2 layers cotton terry

***back – windpro-like/cotton with hidden leakproof fabric


  • shipping method:


    Metro Manila – 90-110 php

    Provincial – 140-210 php

  • mode of payment:

    BPI, BDO, LBC, Cebuana, Palawan, ML

I messaged her through viber and the interaction went smoothly. Because I bought the trial set, it was definitely cheaper than buying them individually. If I bought them individually it would cost me 685 php (75+100+130+160+220) ; but for the trial set it only cost me 665 php (save 20 php!) plus the shipping fee of 70 php. A total of 735 php only for 5 pcs!


Okay, the misconceptions of using these reusable pads are that they are hard to maintain and they don’t absorb as well as disposable napkins. Although, through experience, I think not.

usage: they are very easy to use; when you know you will be getting your menstruation, just pop one on to your underwear.


*** the cloth with the design faces your private parts as the cloth without the design faces down ***

comfort: this was a shock to me, I really thought that it will be awkward and uncomfortable; but it felt as if I was not wearing any pads. this may be because it is made out of cotton (same fabric as my undergarments). Another factor that was comfortable were the wings. Usually the wings irritated my skin but these did not! I would seriously forget that I would be wearing any pads at all.

functionality & design: in using these, so far, I have not experienced any leakage. plus the lengths were similar to the napkins that I was used to. the patterns were chosen by me depending on the availability of the patterns presented by the seller.


longevity: when I use the pads, I did not need to change as often as I do with napkins. for overnight usage, it does do its job very well. because the pads were layered up to 2-3 times, the blood does not seep through the pad.

pricing: with disposable napkins, I roughly spend 1,200 php yearly (it really depends on the longevity of my monthly period; so this can actually increase. with using these new pads, I only had to spend 735 php which can be used for up to 5 years. a definite savings for the long run!

storing: this part is quite tricky, I usually carry a small wetbag to store my used pad for washing when I get home. but if I am home, it is easier to change right away; I just soak the pads for several hours before I wash and rinse them.

cleaning: when I received the package, it came with care instructions on how to dry, rinse and soak these pads. very easy and manageable steps. it surely just needs time to soak. my tip is before you soak it, just put it under running water to rinse off the excess blood.

If you have not transitioned to using either reusable pads or menstrual cups, you should really consider doing so. You will help yourself and the environment too.


Check out more of my conscious decisions in my videos:



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