Clothing – everyone has them – is something I want to talk about in this blogpost. With minimalism and zero-waste in mind, I believe they both have a huge effect on how I purchase clothings. Fast fashion has become such an easy option for me; of course, besides the frequent thrift shopping I do. In my quest to improve the lifestyle I am living, I will be doing something a little crazy (or is it normal?).

1 year, no new clothes challenge

I have heard of this challenge last December; it’s the goal of NOT buying any new clothes for one whole year! Yes, that’s right, one whole year. As of today, we are on to the 7th week of the year and so far I have bought no new clothes. (YAY) I stumbled upon someone’s instagram story (because I follow several minimalists and zero-wasters on social media) about this challenge; totally piquing my interest, I did more research on it. Each blog I stumbled upon set their own rules to this challenge; some bought 0 clothes for a year, some bought 0 items at all, and others would only buy 1 item per season.

Here is my take on this challenge and the rules I set last December 2017.


  1. no buying of NEW clothes whatsoever (no new shirt from h&m, no new pants from Uniqlo, etc)
  2. thrifted clothes are allowed but only up to 10 pieces for the whole year (so, better make wise decisions)
  3. undergarments/socks are not included
  4. unexpected and unforced gifts of garments are allowed
  5. uniform given by the company I work for are obviously allowed (haha)
  6. be honest

This will be really interesting as a shopper (although I can say that I have made better decisions over the several months in my shopping habits). Here I made a chart at the back of my journal to track every day of the year.


At the bottom I wrote a quote that really resonated with me.



In line with this challenge, I would also like to talk about my journey into thrift shopping.


My mom is my ultimate guru on thrift shopping. She always knows where to find the best deals.


Where it all began

Growing up, she always brought me to thrift shop boutiques where we would spend our Sunday afternoons going through new racks and piles of clothes.  It was easier back then when there were a lot of unique, brand new, pieces of clothing. I actually still have a handful of thrifted clothes which I kept through the years.

To be honest, I wasn’t always a fan of thrift shopping. There were a time in my younger years, where I would be ashamed of wearing thrifted clothes. (What would people think if I’m wearing thrifted clothes? Are we so poor we can’t buy brand new clothes?) As an adult, looking back, it’s a little silly. I should have always been proud of all the UNIQUE clothes I was wearing all bought at a cheap price. Now I know way better!

Why thrift shop?

Now that I am older and earn my own money. I don’t necessarily still have to buy clothes from the thrift store since I can afford buying brand new designer clothes (or fast fashion) yet there are three main reasons why I continue doing so.

UNIQUE and STYLISH. Items are one-of-a-kind, surely you wont see anyone wearing the same outfit as you.

CHEAP. Thrifted clothes are so cheap! It can range from 10 php to 1000 php depending on where and what you buy.

SUSTAINABLE. Not realizing it, in my thrift shopping escapades, I have reduced my carbon footprint. Production and delivery of clothing involves waste and the carbon emissions that take place takes a huge toll on the environment. In thrift shopping, one can spare tons of clothing going into landfills. Thrift shopping is a sustainable fashion indeed.

Tips & Tricks

I’ve stated in my previous blogs some tips and tricks on thrift shopping, I would just like to reiterate and enumerate them more.

  1. plan your trip – Always be prepared, especially if the places you will be going to are unfamiliar. It’s safe to know where it is on the map and where the transportation routes are.
  2. bring face masks – Bring one! I have allergies and am very sensitive to dust. Even if you aren’t, it is most definitely more hygienic if you wear face masks.
  3. be alert of your surroundings – Thrift shopping areas are usually a magnet for pickpockets.
  4. bring recyclable bags – One thing I love about thrift shopping is that it does not come in any packaging. So when you do pay for your items, be sure that you bring your own bag to store them in, saving the seas one more plastic.
  5. be vigilant – Keep your eyes open for the great finds. Always hold on to your items because if you let them out of your site, another shopper will definitely “steal” it. BUT BE KIND, always; no rudeness.

Where can you thrift shop?

  1. Magarbo (a boutique of thrift finds)
  2. Harrison Road Baguio night market
  3. Anonas
  4. Tagaytay
  5. Espana
  6. Libertad
  7. Teeforel (an online pre-loved and thrifted store!) okay, so this is new to me yet I saw that they have such great items and great reviews too. If the shopping in thrift stores is not for you then maybe this is. Check their instagram and online store out.

This will be an interesting year, fashion-wise for me. It will definitely stretch my creativity. Am very excited though. I will be posting updates on the challenge in my social media handles. If you too are up for the challenge, let me know so we can cheer and support each other. 

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