I am so ecstatic that I found Zero Basics! With the urge to lessen my carbon footprint and with that the usage of plastic, there need to be many changes done with the products I buy.


So, I discovered them thru facebook and they were having a vegan fair at Lucky Chinatown (lucky me!).

Before I start my haul, I would like to share what Zero Basics offer as of Jan 31, 2018.


** As seen on their FB account **

Haul & Review

1. charcoal soap with tea tree

price: ₱120 ($2.4)

review: It is interesting that charcoal has been used rampantly in beauty products because of its ability to absorb dirt and oil from your skin and hair. This product feels great to the face and the body. It suds well too. One thing I like most about it is that after using it during baths, the soap does not liquefy as fast as other soaps.

*** this soap lasted at least 2 months for one person, I use it for my daily shower and the occasional daily washing of face

TIP: I cut the soap into 3 pieces, so that it will last longer.


2. deodorant (250 ml)

price: ₱250 ($5)

review: I personally do not use deodorant, but my partner does! Body odor is natural and there is no shame in having it. Mark usually buys the ones found in supermarkets or drugstores, although the main problem was that they do not last “24 hours” as they promise to do so. Therefore at the latter part of the day, the freshness is no longer there. Even the local “tawas” is not effective. There are several things Mark noticed when using this deodorant. One, it leaves him fresh even after a day out in the sun. Two, it really reacts well to his natural body smell. I assure everyone, my partners armpits have never smelled this fresh (Hi,Bub!). Lastly, it does not stain his shirts. No more yellow stains! Zero Basics’ deodorant is the best of the best! It is effective! It is all-natural! It is packaged sustainable! Just overall a great product. I highly suggest this product.

*** this deodorant is amazingly not yet finished; Mark is not yet even half-way through and he is using it for about 2 months already, spraying once daily

3. face toner (250 ml)

price: ₱220 ($4.3)

review: I do not use any toner but I wanted to try this product out. Once sprayed, it leaves a refreshing feeling to the skin. There’s not much I can really say about this product as I cannot compare it to any other product I’ve used before but I still recommend it!

*** same as the deodorant, I still haven’t gone through half the bottle


4. black toothpaste (190 g)

price: ₱180 ($3.5)

review: Yummy! Okay, this one I was really excited about. For one, I no longer need to buy toothpaste in tubes. No more packaging, no more plastic. The taste was interesting as it was a mix of being grainy, salty, and minty. It was really a surprise, a new experience of some sort.

*** this will probably last me for about 8-12 months because I alternate it with the toothpowder


5. remineralizing toothpowder (110 g)

price: ₱180 ($3.5)

review: Another first and new experience for me was trying this tooth powder. Just like the black toothpaste it makes you wonder how this is used. I just placed a pinch of the powder in my bamboo toothbrush. Just like the black toothpastes, this one is extra grainy. There would be small powder particles that would get stuck in the different crooks and cranies of my teeth. But as soon as I rinse, all is well. This one really leaves a fresh after taste; a real sort of freshness, not a fake one.

*** this will probably last me for about 8-12 months because I alternate it with the toothpaste


Just a quick comparison of the two toothpastes straight from the Zero Basics FB page:26731668_1523528957696291_1839502319283008381_n.jpg

Why I love their products

  • not tested on animals
  • handmade
  • all-natural
  • vegan ingredients
  • environment friendly
  • no paraben’s, fillers & preservations
  • made with therapeutic grade essential oils


* A picture of Zero Basics at the VegFest grabbed from their FB account *


1. You get discounts when you use your old containers from them and have it refilled.


** As seen on their FB account **

2. They now do online delivery! Here are their details:


** As seen on their FB account **

Really hoping they bring out more self-care products (a shampoo bar?), or maybe even cleaning products.


Check out more of my conscious decisions in my videos:



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