In my lifetime, I will probably use over 250 toothbrushes (IMAGINE ALL THAT PLASTIC!). All that plastic thrown into garbage dumps and then to the landfills. Thank goodness that in the Philippines, there are already bamboo toothbrushes! I could not be happier.


How and where did I get one?

Here in the country there are actually a hand full of online stores that offer bamboo toothbrushes. I got mine from GoZero! You can check them out in their facebook page, they actually offer other environmental friendly products. Through there, you can order bamboo toothbrushes.

  • BRISTLES: soft only (even though it says medium in the box, they only offer soft ones), soft nylon 4
  • PRICE: 75 php ($1.5)


I personally messaged them through facebook and it went down smoothly. I ordered for my whole family, although my nephew (age 6) is not using one as it is still too big for his mouth. The packaging is also beautiful as it comes in a cardboard box that is recyclable!


I am happy that I will no longer use another plastic toothbrush in my lifetime. The overall toothbrush is great, it is just like using any other toothbrush! What a great way to take advantage of the abundant supply of bamboo in this country. Plus, it is very affordable and comes to par with other plastic toothbrushes. Although, there are only 2 problems that I have with it (not necessarily GoZero’s product but the overall production/distribution of bamboo toothbrushes).

  1. The bristles are made out of soft nylon 4 and are non-biodegradable. I have a feeling though that in the next few years, biodegradable bristles are coming its way here in our country.
  2. This product should be more and more commercialised and available everywhere. It is quite a hassle if I buy every 3 months or so and pay for the shipping fee.


Bit by bit, this country is taking steps in saving the planet. Even though they are baby steps, I am happy to partake of it.

What you can do

Ditch plastic toothbrushes! You can easily buy yours online right now, heck, buy for your whole family. Sometimes it may seem that a single toothbrush does not really matter, but as I said earlier, in YOUR lifetime you will surely use over 200 toothbrushes. That is a lot put together, and with a family of 5, that is 1000! One thousand plastic toothbrushes. Whew. All going to waste and polluting our beaches and our planet in general. Sooooo, start making greener decisions for your sake and your children’s sake.


Every small action towards saving our planet matters, make sure yours’ are saving it and not destroying it.


** This is not a sponsored review. **

Check out more of my conscious decisions in my videos:



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