It’s about time I give a shit. I want to start this series here in my blog on my journey to being environmentally conscious.

Lauren Singer (you can find her at Trash is for Tossers website and youtube page) became viral on Facebook one time, where it featured her trash for 3 years (now 5 years) to be contained only in a single mason jar. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! She was my AHA! moment wherein I knew that it’s about time I needed to lessen my waste impact. It dawned on me that I can do that too. It will be a tough challenge though here in the Philippines; BUT I am up for it.


What does it mean to be environmentally conscious?

ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS, in my own words, is to live life mindful of the actions you take in relation to the environment. In the recent years, the zero waste movement has sparked numerous individuals to be conscious of the trash they produce. ZERO WASTE? It’s a movement wherein none of your trash/waste is sent to the landfills.

As someone who is living in the Philippines, I honestly find it a challenge to live a zero waste life. We have no proper recycling systems; a handful of grocery stores which provide no plastic packaging. But I have to start somewhere.

I am no guru on the subject matter and if you want to know more and in-depth of what being environmentally conscious is and what living a zero waste lifestyle entails, you should watch this talk.

** To be honest, having ZERO waste is impossible! One can never achieve that. Even though you have no physical trash in your home, the produce you bought at the store took a lot of waste in order for it to get from the farm to your home. For me, it boils down to the daily decisions you make in reducing your ecological footprint.

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Where do I start?

As a lot of people who have started this journey, they started with the question WHY?  Why am I doing what I am doing? This gives you a purpose and a motivation to continue on throughout your journey. Then assess where most of your waste comes from.

For a start, mine would be the following:

  • Dine-in/take-out food packages
  • Plastic utensils
  • Plastic toothbrushes
  • Plastic shopping bags
  • Plastic containers for shampoo’s, drinks, household cleaning products
  • Any sort of plastic sachet packaging (chips, snacks, shampoo, conditioner, soap)

From there, I know I can start finding alternatives to each. So join me as I venture into this. I do know that it will be tough and frustrating at times but I have to keep in mind why I even started doing this in the first place. KEEP POSTED FOR FUTURE POSTS ON THIS SUBJECT MATTER!!!


It’s about time this movement becomes a reality in this country.

Check out more of my conscious decisions in my videos:



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