Not too long ago, I was in Baguio specifically for its cold weather and the very well-known Harrison Road Baguio Night Market. Harrison Road is adjacent to Burnham Park and across Session Road.

What time is open?

Operation hours : 9 pm – 12 mn daily
The night market usually gets set up at around 8:30 pm and expect it to be in full swing by 9 pm.  By around 12 mn, depending on the season, some stalls are packing up already.

What can I find there?

1. food
What goes well with shopping? food! At one of the street end, there are numerous stalls of food, to cater to the hungry shoppers.
As I recall, these are the several food that one can eat:
-cheese corn in a cup
-rice toppings e.g. tapsilog
-grilled foods e.g isaw, bbq
2. clothes
Old clothes and new clothes!
At super bargain prices! One really has to be patient and know what they are looking for. Try to go through each stall, each rack, each hanger.
There were a specific rhythm to the clothes that were being sold.
-baguio souvenir shirts
-jogging pants
-office coats for men and women
-polo longsleeve shirts for men
-denim jumpers
-denim jackets
-baby clothes
-childrens clothes
-fleece sweaters
-knitted sweaters
-thick jackets
-pants for men and women
** then an assorted set of clothes scattered through the racks **
** special mention to my friend’s head, Katherine **
3. shoes
Same as the clothing, one can find both old and new shoes.
** I rarely buy thrifted shoes because of hygiene and the quality (one can never be sure if the shoes will last because if shoes are not worn for a long period of time, once it is worn again it will break apart). **
4. others
There are several stalls though that sell these products:
-gadgets and accessories
-fresh flowers
-souvenier items


The exciting part – my haul! I bought 5 pieces of clothing all for a total of 280 php. So here goes a brief description of each clothing item:
1.  v-neck jumper dress
color: black
material: cotton
quality: brand new
price: 80 php
This jumper looks very korean/japanese in style. I can pair it up with plain tees or a striped one just like the photos below.
2. fleece jumper dress
color: dark grey
material: fleece
quality: used but in good condition
price: 50 php
I purchased this dress for my future trips abroad (where the weather is much cooler than it is here in the Philippines).  It is a very autumnal piece of clothing. I may also have my thrift finds altered, like this jumper dress may also be altered to a shorter length (then probably I can wear it here in our country).
3. dress with some button detail
color: dark grey
material: fleece
quality: used but in good condition
price: 50 php
I also purchased this dress for my future trips abroad (tee-hee) also because it can be worn in the autumn/winter season. Am really excited to wear this. It’s really great to pair up with some striking colored pair of stockings, a coat, and some boots.
4. embroidered vest
color: orange/maroon
material: sheer silk
quality: used, needed a little sewing
price: 50 php
This vest is such a vintage find that i immediately loved. I am assuming that it is very indian/morroccan inspired piece of clothing. One can pair this up with any denim.
5. opened polo with embroideries and knitting patterns
color: white
material: cotton
quality: used but in good condition, needed some washing and bleaching
price: 50 php
This may be one of the most interesting piece of clothing I found. It is filled with so much embroidered/knitted details ( I’m not really sure how to classify it). Every part of the clothing has something going on- the chinese collar look, the flaring sleeves with its open-knitted detail on each sides, the shoulder had the same detail too on each sides, and the back has a huge knitted design. This is a very eye-catching piece of clothing.

Tips and tricks!

1. Always be alert! You may find someone going through a rack and a piece of item might catch your eye (steal it in the most subtle way). Of course, be alert of pick pockets too. One may be too engrossed in shopping that your personal belongings are no longer a priority.
** the face I get when someone gets a piece of clothing I really like **
2. Check before you make a purchase. Check each corner. Check for stains (some can be washed away easily). Check for holes. Just take time to check.
3. Try it on. Sometimes, the clothing are easy to try on the spot. If you can and are able, do so.
** I regret not buying this kimono, it was only 50 php **
So, take time to stop by Harrison Road when you are in Baguio. You may find a very unique piece of clothing. The cool weather (just hope it does not rain) definitely is a cherry on top.



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